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Markov Chain Paper finished

My paper about Markov Chains has been finished. I will send it for evaluation to Claudia. All my helpful reviewers will get even today’s evening a mail with the final paper. Thanks a lot for all that feedback. You made the paper a lot better! The report about the paper will be held on Moday, […]

Markov Chains paper: review started

Today the final works on my Paper about Markov Chains has been done. Now the review started to a large number of students in two hand selected groups. The final question is whether this paper is good to be understood by novices and whether it is correct in common.

Using LaTeX in WordPress

is a document markup language. In science, mostly physics, math and computer science, LaTeX is the default format to write academic texts and publications in journals. In LaTeX it’s possible to include formulas with ease. Text and formatting is a little more complex. Due to us being used ¬†WYSIWYG, “what you see is what you […]