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Cheating using software faults

A man got over 1.4 Million US-Dollars in Casinos. Andre N. was arrested by FBI agents at cheating on the machines another time. [1] Over 14 month he ot the double jackpot by mis-using a software’s fault. [2] Andre N. is free on a bail of 100,000 US-$. He used a fault of software that […]

An unbelievable accident

This night in San Pedro, a district of Los Angeles, California, a probably drunken driven has caused an unbelievable accident. After ignoring a traffic signal the car spin out of control and hit a kerb. Caused by that the car flipped in the air, crashed a fence and ended up squeezed between two houses walls […]

Tell Me A Lie

The song “Tell me a lie” from the Fratellis says: “he’s a liar – a good one of that.” Mrs. Prof. Dana Carney is Assistant Professor for Management at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. She did some experiments that could attest boss’s to be better liars [1]. Half the people were asked […]

Lateral approach in web mining

These days the news is current: 46 of the 50.000 most popular websites are sniffing your browsers history¬†[1]. The approach making this security vulnerability is simple and possible – a real lateral approach. The browser has a list of URL’s to check to be previously visited. The links are written on the website on the […]

Steve Jobs most popular CEO

On December 1, 2010, employees of Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! were asked about their own CEOs and their opinion on them. The result is very clear: first place is Apple’s CEO. Then follows Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, followed by Google’s Eric Schmidt. The surprising thing about the survey: Yahoo!’s Carol Bartz is more popular […]

Thank you, time management

Hello. These days are quiet busy but beautiful. We just terminated our last Volleyball championship at our friendly society “Sidum”. Now there’s an invitation to our Monday’s course to play at an championship at the University of Rostock. Inbetween our University is doing another championship, where I will participate too. Besides the chair of Prof. […]

Taking pictures around the corner

The famous MIT has presented a camera that is able to take photos beyond the line of sight. Therefor a “reflector” is utilized. That reflective object can be a half-opened door, a wall or a window etc. This object even does not need to be optical reflecting the objects beyond our line of sight.

Thanks a lot

The call for reviews has been a whole success. I was blown away by the amount of feedback given to my paper. Very good about this is that my paper seems to be good. Even better is the support given by my friends to this paper. Of course I will take your feedback into the […]

Google maps to correct errata

Google maps needs to correct their maps. Because of wrong borders shown on these maps a military conflict was caused. This problem is known since spring 2010 [1].