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FedEx day(s) worked for me

Recently I did my own FedEx day. I was in Cologne for work and visiting friends of mine. But one day I got free for myself. The weather was beautiful and I decided to go to town and enjoy it. The plan was just to see something of this wonderful city. I sat in parks […]

Lateral Ad in Zen Design

Here’s an ad from Germany. It is from an eco movement party. On this you can read in youth slang: “Your mother.” This is an allusion to the “Your mother is …” jokes. [1]

What are FedEx days?

I gonna explain what FedEx days are: at your job you get day to day new stuff to do. Everytime quiet similar things. Now you want to be motivated again. So some companies are doing one different day each year. This shall be the highlight regarding work time. Everybody is looking forward to this. Because […]

Placebo effect: assets & drawbacks

The One Thinking Hat

I found something very interesting. I wanna to tell you about but still too few time to me right now. So heres the short news. For the rest you’re given the sources at the end. Australian scientists found out that the performance of the human brain can be increased. They just stimulated the brain with […]

Think Different

Here’s why I choose this theme and title for this blog: This is just inspiring me – just like Steve Jobs does with Apple.

Pac-man chart

Mbrace: Carry your Mac with style

How do you carry your Mac between meetings or on your way to and from business? Most people do it in a bag or sleeve. But that could become a relict these days. Here’s an all-new approach to do that. It’s a binder put between the top- and bottom-part of your MacBook Pro. The binder […]

Happy new year

I would like to wish you a happy new year and success for your projects and tasks. I hope you had a wonderful XMAS season and got prepared for your “next big things.” Even if the year is new some projects are still from the old year. So I am writing articles on┬áThis is […]

Funny video