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What are FedEx days?

I gonna explain what FedEx days are: at your job you get day to day new stuff to do. Everytime quiet similar things. Now you want to be motivated again. So some companies are doing one different day each year. This shall be the highlight regarding work time. Everybody is looking forward to this. Because […]

Happy new year

I would like to wish you a happy new year and success for your projects and tasks. I hope you had a wonderful XMAS season and got prepared for your “next big things.” Even if the year is new some projects are still from the old year. So I am writing articles on┬áThis is […]

What success depends on

What’s one of the most admirable things people can imagine is success itself. Whether in career, personal life, at hobbies or in scientific fields: people want to be successful. I gonna show you one of the most impacting factors: gestures.

What’s a Ph.D. indeed?

Do you wanna know what indeed a Ph.D. is? I could explain you, but I think these pictures are great and so universal anyone really understands the same. So let me forward you to this one… [1] Many thanks to┬áJana Sieber [2] who posted it on Facebook.

Tell Me A Lie

The song “Tell me a lie” from the Fratellis says: “he’s a liar – a good one of that.” Mrs. Prof. Dana Carney is Assistant Professor for Management at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. She did some experiments that could attest boss’s to be better liars [1]. Half the people were asked […]

Effective & efficient projects

A short introduction: when teams at Oracle have not been efficient enough Larrie Elliot, Oracle’s CEO, came every couple of weeks and asked: “let me help you out.” What did he do to make the team work again? He took away members of the team as long as progress was too little [1]. That was […]

Thanks a lot

The call for reviews has been a whole success. I was blown away by the amount of feedback given to my paper. Very good about this is that my paper seems to be good. Even better is the support given by my friends to this paper. Of course I will take your feedback into the […]