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Facebook’s vast Hadoop clusters

Facebook uses Hadoop to gain information about their members. It helded the second biggest Hadoop database behind Yahoo! [4] By May 2010 Facebook got a bigger Hadoop Cluster than Yahoo! [2] Google is not know to use Hadoop. Because it is an opponent product to GFS and Googles BigTable. Apache Hadoop has been voted being […]

Apache Hadoop is top innovator 2011

Congratulations to Apache Hadoop: they’re voted to be the innovator of 2011. The decision was justified Hadoop allows to discover and manipulate a huge amount of data. So Hadoop is the “Swiss Army knife for the 21st century.” [5] 

Happy new year

I would like to wish you a happy new year and success for your projects and tasks. I hope you had a wonderful XMAS season and got prepared for your “next big things.” Even if the year is new some projects are still from the old year. So I am writing articles on This is […]

Effective & efficient projects

A short introduction: when teams at Oracle have not been efficient enough Larrie Elliot, Oracle’s CEO, came every couple of weeks and asked: “let me help you out.” What did he do to make the team work again? He took away members of the team as long as progress was too little [1]. That was […]

Java again is most popular

From all programming languages Java is the one most lines of code (LOC) is wirtten in. More than two out of eleven LOCs are written in Java. After that we have C and C++ then PHP and C#. Thats the result from the just now published TIOBE Programming Community Index for November 2010 [1].

Oracle: Java VMs joined & being paid

Since Oracle bought Sun Microsystems the discussion about the future of Java is constantly relevant. The new management does not make the Open Source community satisfied: MySQL lost a lot of the best developers and they’re going to distribute a new database engine – SkySQL [5, 4]. Even Java is not as powerful as it […]