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Thank you, time management

Hello. These days are quiet busy but beautiful. We just terminated our last Volleyball championship at our friendly society “Sidum”. Now there’s an invitation to our Monday’s course to play at an championship at the University of Rostock. Inbetween our University is doing another championship, where I will participate too. Besides the chair of Prof. […]

Windows+MacDrive: 300GiB data lost

Whereas I was saving some data from my notebook’s local disk to my external drive an error occurred twice. While moving a list of a couple of hundred files my computer shot down with a blue screen. This was not the first time I mentioned this. Since I am using MacDrive on Windows systems to […]

Slow computers to be more secure

A new approach in virus threads has been detected: viruses may not infect computers with lower clock rates than approximately 2 GHz. In a test a laptop having a 1.86 GHz processor from IBM the system has not been affected. [1, 2] As [1] reported the virus code in assembler has been analyzed. The […]

Taking pictures around the corner

The famous MIT has presented a camera that is able to take photos beyond the line of sight. Therefor a “reflector” is utilized. That reflective object can be a half-opened door, a wall or a window etc. This object even does not need to be optical reflecting the objects beyond our line of sight.

Markov Chain Paper finished

My paper about Markov Chains has been finished. I will send it for evaluation to Claudia. All my helpful reviewers will get even today’s evening a mail with the final paper. Thanks a lot for all that feedback. You made the paper a lot better! The report about the paper will be held on Moday, […]

Thanks a lot

The call for reviews has been a whole success. I was blown away by the amount of feedback given to my paper. Very good about this is that my paper seems to be good. Even better is the support given by my friends to this paper. Of course I will take your feedback into the […]

Markov Chains paper: review started

Today the final works on my Paper about Markov Chains has been done. Now the review started to a large number of students in two hand selected groups. The final question is whether this paper is good to be understood by novices and whether it is correct in common.

Dec 7th: lecture on Lateral Thinking

On Tuesday, December 7th, I will talk about Lateral Thinking at the University of Magdeburg again. The feedback on the first lecture on this topic was exciting. The institution I held this for pleased me to give a second part of this.

Lateral Thinking in Football

I’m not sure whether you’ve seen this or not. An amazing video how Lateral Thinking in sports can help to gain points.

Liam Gallagher is back

Last summer the legendary band Oasis left the stage. The parted forever. Now a new band around the former and so current lead singer Liam Gallagher is back.