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What Careless Computing is

Careless Computing is a phenomena we see nowadays more and more often. The omnipresence of computers and the Internet provides the growing of Careless Computing because people are persuaded to save their data on foreign servers instead of local. [1]

Funny video

An unbelievable accident

This night in San Pedro, a district of Los Angeles, California, a probably drunken driven has caused an unbelievable accident. After ignoring a traffic signal the car spin out of control and hit a kerb. Caused by that the car flipped in the air, crashed a fence and ended up squeezed between two houses walls […]

What success depends on

What’s one of the most admirable things people can imagine is success itself. Whether in career, personal life, at hobbies or in scientific fields: people want to be successful. I gonna show you one of the most impacting factors: gestures.

Expatrias to be more creative

A new study processed by Harvard Business Manager (HBM) shows that people who studied or worked in a foreign country are in general more innovative. These people are better in Lateral Thinking and see things a more practical way. [1] Interesting about another study: what distinguishes us from the primates is that primates use utilities […]

What’s a Ph.D. indeed?

Do you wanna know what indeed a Ph.D. is? I could explain you, but I think these pictures are great and so universal anyone really understands the same. So let me forward you to this one… [1] Many thanks to¬†Jana Sieber [2] who posted it on Facebook.

Tell Me A Lie

The song “Tell me a lie” from the Fratellis says: “he’s a liar – a good one of that.” Mrs. Prof. Dana Carney is Assistant Professor for Management at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. She did some experiments that could attest boss’s to be better liars [1]. Half the people were asked […]

Apple stops Jailbreak recognition [1] reported that Apple deactivated the Jailbreak API on iPhones using iOS 4.2. This API (Application Programmer’s Interface – it’s the interface or “framework” deveopers use to access the underlaying software) is used by application developers and enterprises to check if the iPhone was “modded.” A modded iPhone can run custom firmware that allows […]

Effective & efficient projects

A short introduction: when teams at Oracle have not been efficient enough Larrie Elliot, Oracle’s CEO, came every couple of weeks and asked: “let me help you out.” What did he do to make the team work again? He took away members of the team as long as progress was too little [1]. That was […]

Lateral approach in web mining

These days the news is current: 46 of the 50.000 most popular websites are sniffing your browsers history¬†[1]. The approach making this security vulnerability is simple and possible – a real lateral approach. The browser has a list of URL’s to check to be previously visited. The links are written on the website on the […]