The famous MIT has presented a camera that is able to take photos beyond the line of sight. Therefor a “reflector” is utilized. That reflective object can be a half-opened door, a wall or a window etc. This object even does not need to be optical reflecting the objects beyond our line of sight.

The special thing about this is that any room can be investigated without directly seeing it or stepping in front of it. So fireman could check rooms for victims even if it’s too hot to take a look at the room. This method could innovate endoscopes: even hard-to-see parts inside the human body can be checked with that. [1] Looking around corners is even important to military soldiers’ safety.

How is it done? The photografh sends a very short flash. The laser pulse is less than a trillionth of a second. A camera records the flashes. The camera itself can take a trillion frames per second (fps). The flash is recorded and by time passed and the reflection it is possible to reconstruct the objects hidden to direct line of sight. The accuracy is vage about just a few centimeters. [1] That techniques could also invent the collision detection for cars [2].