A short introduction: when teams at Oracle have not been efficient enough Larrie Elliot, Oracle’s CEO, came every couple of weeks and asked: “let me help you out.” What did he do to make the team work again? He took away members of the team as long as progress was too little [1].

That was probably the best thing to do. They say: “adding man power to a late project makes it later.” That effect can be recognized because if the team is not working efficiently enough they hardly can organize and introduce new members and keep the overview at the same time.

Big companies like Google and Apple are using the power of small teams [1]. The wisdmom comes from the company itself, external firms, the community of employees and finally even public communities. I these days work in a few projects with very little dependancies: that makes us faster and more straight forward. Probelms can be solved with other employes, our community and even the internet.

So don’t forget the effectiveness in team meetings when building a project team. Keep a project as small as possible or split them into sub projects. The more members your team or head project has the more coordination is required, the more a central instance only for the project management is advisable.

[1] http://www.businessinsider.com/why-google-cant-build-instagram-2010-11