The song “Tell me a lie” from the Fratellis says: “he’s a liar – a good one of that.” Mrs. Prof. Dana Carney is Assistant Professor for Management at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. She did some experiments that could attest boss’s to be better liars [1]. Half the people were asked to steal 100 $ – those who could deny the blame can keep the 100 dollars, otherwise they’ve got to give it back.

When exercising this experiment people who had more power or who was leaders of teams hardly have shown signs of stress. The level of their visible stress was at the level of those who not had stolen the 100 $ but were blamed for having done so.

The interesting thing about this now is: are we ruled by good liars who are hardly convictable?

[1] Harvard Business Manager, German Edition, December 2010, Page 16 & 17