A new study processed by Harvard Business Manager (HBM) shows that people who studied or worked in a foreign country are in general more innovative. These people are better in Lateral Thinking and see things a more practical way. [1]

Interesting about another study: what distinguishes us from the primates is that primates use utilities even though they are meant to be used quiet another way. Human see the things’ purpose and nothing but that. And this way of “thinkin outside the box” expatrias have in common with our ancestors from the jungle.

In experiments: a candy or some kind of reward is placed into a vitro fixed at the wall. No way to gain it without utilities. Primates of any age up from a year can use sticks of wood or their own body fluids to get the unreachable reward. Human beings are able to get this reward when they are eight till eleven! [2]

Knowing this is quiet amazing. Learn about Lateral Thinking techniques: it will blow you away. There’s a lot more to tell about the study as you’re reading on.

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