What’s one of the most admirable things people can imagine is success itself. Whether in career, personal life, at hobbies or in scientific fields: people want to be successful. I gonna show you one of the most impacting factors: gestures.

Billy Graham, an US-Pastor, once said: “the most dangerous drug is success.” That could be one possible answer why people want to reveal success and gain more than before. But how do they get to this point first? They want to be admired according to Maslow’s pyramid of needs. [1]

Psychologists found out that one of the most impacting facet in being successful or not is the gestures. When doing more gestures to “support” what you’re about to say you will be reflected to be more self confident. But reflecting one selves body language is important: one self maybe never remember to give speeches with hands in the pocket or shoulders lolling. [2, 3] Politicians are good advisors for that: these days body language is a very important topic to attract or to persuade voters.

Another impact was found, too. Scientists found out that Ph.D.’s are more successful in personal life and economic jobs. More successful than others and even as in their academic career. [2] So don’t do the Ph.D. for you, your doctor father, your family members or other scientists – do it to be successful outside the university…

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