This night in San Pedro, a district of Los Angeles, California, a probably drunken driven has caused an unbelievable accident. After ignoring a traffic signal the car spin out of control and hit a kerb. Caused by that the car flipped in the air, crashed a fence and ended up squeezed between two houses walls 1.5 meters in the air.

car hanging in the air

The car “landed” in such an angle between the houses that it is held by the two houses. The rescuers had to find a way to remove the car and injuring the two walls as little as possible. The car involved has been a Ford Fusion.

Neither the driver nor the passenger was injured seriously. The people living in the home the front side of the car crashed into were expecting an earth quake. The second home was sold and the former owners moved out there. The previous owners estimate a damage of expected $100,000 (£63,000 or 74,500€).

[2], news at 11:00 GMT, Dec 14, 2010