Careless Computing is a phenomena we see nowadays more and more often. The omnipresence of computers and the Internet provides the growing of Careless Computing because people are persuaded to save their data on foreign servers instead of local. [1]

The users are experiencing the Internet to be bigger than needed and nearly everywhere available. So they save their information on servers and data centers online. The other side of the shield is that police officers have access to these information without judicial decision. [2]

So Careless Computing is akin to Cloud Computing because applications and data are moving nowadays to computer clusters. We’re knowing this as “database as a service” (DAS) [3, 4]

Richard Stallman, founder of GNU [2, 5], warns to use ChromeOS because it fosters the abandon of your information. The good thing about it on the other side is that this software is based on GNU/Linux. [2]