A man got over 1.4 Million US-Dollars in Casinos. Andre N. was arrested by FBI agents at cheating on the machines another time. [1] Over 14 month he ot the double jackpot by mis-using a software’s fault. [2]

Andre N. is free on a bail of 100,000 US-$. He used a fault of software that displays fake jackpots. The FBI is certain that the system is far more complex than we know it until now. The system could word in more Casinos or even in whole Nevada or perhabs worldwide. [1]

The trick was to set the system to a certain combination of sound- and the display’s backlight level. Then the machine gave the double jackpot without remarking this. Just in a routine control the¬†abnormalities where found.

The FBI caught him in red-handed – in the act. [2]

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