In New Hampshire the Seacoast Radialogy’s server from the local hospital has been hijacked by hackers. They logged successfully with elevated privileges into the server. Most of these cases deal with data security. This is not. The hackers just wanted to play “Call of duty: Black Ops” and needed a fast host. This game is one of the most often illegal copied games.

They installed their game and played. Because the traffic rates increasing the security experts of the hospital became nosy to find out what’s the reason. They engaged the security experts from “ID Experts” to fix the problem. So they did.

The server has been hacked in November 2010. The hospital had now to inform to patients about that incident on Tuesday.

They say the information, such as credit card numbers and radiology pictures has not been stored on that server. Other relevant information have not been touched or misused. The hackers only needed a server to play at. The identities of the hackers in unclear: they managed to cover their IP adress information. They are guessed to come from Scandinavia.