How do you carry your Mac between meetings or on your way to and from business? Most people do it in a bag or sleeve. But that could become a relict these days. Here’s an all-new approach to do that. It’s a binder put between the top- and bottom-part of your MacBook Pro.

The binder named Mbrace is clamped between the display and the keyboard-part of your Mac. A tiny strip is “inside” the Mac. On the backside of the display is your binder to carry your MacBook at. Regarding to the inventor the force when carrying is not put on the hinge but the Unibody. Mbrace will be available for MacBook Pros only with minimum 15.4 inch displays.

The inventor is seeking for venture capital these days. If you would like to support his idea give a denotation to Terrance Kirkwood at

He has now 20 days left to achieve his funding goal of 75.000 $. The amount collected will be used to develop Mbrace. Money can be spend until February 11 2011. If it’s going to be developed Mbrace can be ordered for at least 30 $ excluding shipping. The sum collected now is 2.200 $.

To me it’s a very cool invention. It’s a very new approach and it’s a good example for applied Lateral Thinking. But personally I would not carry my MacBook outside a bag that way through the city. I mostly had a problem with possible damages on the surface. But there are a lot of people not having problems with that. So they might enjoy Mbrace.

A video of Mbrace can be seen here: