Congratulations to Apache Hadoop: they’re voted to be the innovator of 2011. The decision was justified Hadoop allows to discover and manipulate a huge amount of data. So Hadoop is the “Swiss Army knife for the 21st century.” [5] 

The judges saw Hadoop to be the beginning of a new data revolution. That may change our entire life. Hadoop made the race against iPad and even WikiLeaks. Altought it is not an absolutely new idea behind it – unlike WikiLeaks. [1] Hadoop is a free implementation under Apache License. It rivals mostly against Google’s File System – GFS. [6]

Most popular users of Hadoop

Even Facebook uses Hadoop to gain information about their members. It helded the second biggest Hadoop database behind Yahoo! [4] By May 2010 Facebook got a bigger Hadoop Cluster than Yahoo! [2] Google is not know to use Hadoop. Because it is an opponent product to GFS and Googles BigTable.

By the way: Hadoop was the name of an elephant. It belonged to a son of an Apache developer. That’s like I was told – sorry, but non testatum.