Prof. Jana Dittmann from our Faculty for Computer Sciences (FIN) at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (OvGU) ensures the safety of future cars. They say this topic will be trending in the next years.

New features and interfaces make our life more confortable. But they also make it more velnurable for hacks and pranks. So Prof. Dittmann researches on the field of cryptography and authentification. They follow the credo: trust in those you know, suspect the other ones.

Prof. Dittmann is an expert on security. I know her especially from her lecture on Safe Systems last summer semester. Eventhough the slides where the quiet opposite of minimalistic – it was a very interesting course. Even the students where in sixth semester, and therefore not often in university, they came in bunches. Some, like me, put this lecture before others in regular plan. Prof. understood it to make her topic interesting and everytime wanted us to understand.

Notice: this lecture starts right next Monday! @Daniel & Sascha: you will enjoy this.

Thumbs up for this lesson. Thumbs up also for this research.