I gonna explain what FedEx days are: at your job you get day to day new stuff to do. Everytime quiet similar things. Now you want to be motivated again. So some companies are doing one different day each year. This shall be the highlight regarding work time. Everybody is looking forward to this. Because one day they get and they can do whatever they want to. So if it is not concerned to their allday work!

They come to work and work on different projects. What they want. It only must have a business background or should fit in the company. They get the hole day to work on this. If it’s an idea, a prototype, sketches, or a ready-to-launch product. The kind of outcome is not important.

The next day you have to present what you did to the rest of your colleagues. And they do with their outcomes, too. And this is the reason they call this the FedEx days: because you have to deliver something overnight.

You may think that this is unproductive? The opposite is nowadays expected. Because of three main reasons. (1) Your employees get motivated and feel important to the whole process. (2) They get a deeper understanding what the whole company does – the can see the target and goals instead of simply tasks and todos. (3) In the end you “waste” one day per employe but get astonashing business ideas. This really can innovate your business.

And innovation is the only thing you can do if you’re no monopolist. You can join the price dropping are get knocked out by it – just a few firms survive this in the long run. And if you cannot differ by use to customers you have to drop prices. So you’re in the same pitch again.

Innovation is the only way out of this. So do the FedEx days in your company. And if you think this is just one of those new rough ideas trending now. You’re right. But if you think this is radical you’re not. There are ideas even more innovative you never could image to work. Stay tuned for more.