Recently I did my own FedEx day. I was in Cologne for work and visiting friends of mine. But one day I got free for myself. The weather was beautiful and I decided to go to town and enjoy it.

The plan was just to see something of this wonderful city. I sat in parks and caf├ęs and new ideas rushed my brain though. Although I wanted nothing special to do I couldn’t and got some very good ideas. So the lesson is: do not force it until it breaks. Enjoy it instead and ideas flow.

Even so was another evening with friends of mine. But here I got instead of ideas for new things strong insights regarding the world around me. Fantastic.

This is special about creativity: if you do not use new wave techniques for that relaxing is the best way to break though ideas. But notice: this can never be the only way. Especially if this is your job. If that’s the case learn about Lateral Thinking. I recommend above all Edward de Bono and Jens-Uwe Maier.