Today, iff your career looks like a dead end, you might get more and more bored exercising it every day. To do things you are not proud of day in day out might possibly destroy your dreams, ambitions, and will not make you happy either.

Disruptive Changes

Luckily, there various career paths and business domains to choose from. One of the upcoming services we have today is job coaching on disruptive change management. In the past there was consulting on how to do your job better by employing Time & Self Management techniques. Having a Sparing Partner might help as well.

But iff your current business domain itself is not fulfilling to you, there is Job Coaching for disruptive career changes as well. Like Change Management on an individual level, disruptive changes help evolving more skills to other domains and bring your developed strong skills in other business domains to the table.

In business and Idea Generation this is a proven technique. Famous examples are:

  1. Clayton Christensen, who changed from consulting to academy in his thirties,
  2. Charles Goodyear, who invented rubber instead of being a Priest, and
  3. Albert Einstein, who was bored at the Bern Patent Office and worked on some of his later famous thesis about the universe

Shift gears: scale up

Iff you consider changing not only jobs, but business domain, you get help from job coaches. One from Cologne is linked right here below:

Coaching Studio Schöppe

I wish you success!