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Since Oracle bought Sun Microsystems the discussion about the future of Java is constantly relevant.

The new management does not make the Open Source community satisfied: MySQL lost a lot of the best developers and they’re going to distribute a new database engine – SkySQL [5, 4]. Even Java is not as powerful as it was. So some developers swaped over to the OpenJDK project [1]. So the future to a free Java seams to be generally well.As [2] and The Register [3] reported Orcale announced the Virtual Machines (VMs) JRocket and Hotspot are going to be joined. Orcales vice president does not told about prices, but MySQL’s prices raised under the new management and dropped “Basic” support [4].

Now Java is to be a monetary two-tier way: Oracle likes to offer a standard and a premium version of Java to it’s defray costs. It is to be expected that Oracle will keep to the free version to prevent multiple swings to the OpenJDK JDK. The premium version will be more powerful and maybe better integrated for Oracle’s business suite.