Placebo effect: assets & drawbacks

App Store: Opera not until you’re 17

Opera is one of the top five used browsers in the world. Many people love it and use it. Now Opera is available in the Mac App Store – but only if you’re at least 17 years old. The editors from Apple rated the App to be not free to the youth.

The reason is that there is told to be “many times / bold: scenes with erotic allusions.” So Apple decided to rate it only to young adolts to prevent our youth.  Continue reading “App Store: Opera not until you’re 17” »

The One Thinking Hat

I found something very interesting. I wanna to tell you about but still too few time to me right now. So heres the short news. For the rest you’re given the sources at the end.

Australian scientists found out that the performance of the human brain can be increased. They just stimulated the brain with electricity. So they made the right half of the brain more active. People using this method where able to solve more of the tricky tasks given. Thats because the right half is in charge of lateral and creative thinking. The left one uses static patterns to solve problems.

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Egypt to be affine to tech

Here’s the evidence this Egypt person is very affine to techs:

I found it a little better to write:

rm -rf /usr/Mubarak

or even

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda

but due to it’s market share this is okay.

Think Different

Here’s why I choose this theme and title for this blog:

This is just inspiring me – just like Steve Jobs does with Apple.

Blogger to become privileged as journalists

Human Right Organisation claims to give bloggers the same rights as journalists if the obey the Codex of them. The reason is the importance to blogs on our access to information and the spreading of intentions. Blogs are nowadays an impact mean of ideals and ideology. Continue reading “Blogger to become privileged as journalists” »

Pac-man chart


Mbrace: Carry your Mac with style

How do you carry your Mac between meetings or on your way to and from business? Most people do it in a bag or sleeve. But that could become a relict these days. Here’s an all-new approach to do that. It’s a binder put between the top- and bottom-part of your MacBook Pro.

The binder named Mbrace is clamped between the display and the keyboard-part of your Mac. A tiny strip is “inside” the Mac. On the backside of the display is your binder to carry your MacBook at. Continue reading “Mbrace: Carry your Mac with style” »

Server hijacked to host game

In New Hampshire the Seacoast Radialogy’s server from the local hospital has been hijacked by hackers. They logged successfully with elevated privileges into the server. Most of these cases deal with data security. This is not. The hackers just wanted to play “Call of duty: Black Ops” and needed a fast host. This game is one of the most often illegal copied games. Continue reading “Server hijacked to host game” »

Beware your data & machines

Something about security, a thief and the Internet… very funny, very worth watching.